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...and if you're wondering how we can call ourselves as an SEO company with a Flash page, no rankings, and named after an outdated form of optimization called Meta Tags, then consider this. We started in 1991 and survived 2 internet bubbles, waves of flailing economies, and 3 wars. Name 5 SEO companies who have lasted and done the same. There was no guidebook for SEO. We were part of the wave creating it. Now, with Social Media, fantastically improved analytic tools and mounds of longitudinal data, in many ways, SEO is almost easier. That said, although we're still focused on SEO, new roads are always forged. Social Media and improved database leveraging are now intimately tied with our overall mix and we're keeping all of our clients in the front end of that wave.

But did we have top rank positions for our site? Sure, but more than 70% of our contacts were from companies who were sold a bill of goods that the web could solve all of their entrepreneurial spirit's needs. This is a setup for mutual failure, that is, unless all we cared about was grabbing money from the uninformed masses and running the other way. Now, we only work with referrals. It saves us both time from having to convince each other of our intent and we can simply get down to business.